Mountain Valley School BEST Grant Frequently Asked Questions
Mountain Valley School District was recently awarded a $27 million BEST Grant to build a new PreK-12 school. There have been a lot of great questions during this process, and I want to take some time to answer these frequently asked questions. My hope is that our residents will have all of the information they need to make the best decision possible for our students, families, and community.… (0 comment)

Relationships, Innovation and Rejuvenation
It is going to be another great year at Mountain Valley School, and I am excited to see students back in the building. I have truly missed all of the kids and the laughter and joy they bring. As we begin the 2017-2018 school year, MVS will be focusing on three main goals: relationships, innovation, and rejuvenation.… (0 comment)

Mountain Valley Students Deserve It!
I recently spent two days in Golden, Colorado as the Colorado Department of Education’s Capital Construction Assistance Board (CCAB) reviewed and recommended Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) Grant applications. It was quite a process, with almost 50 grant applications from school districts around the state. Clearly, there are high needs, with so many schools experiencing failing and outdated facilities.…

Graduation Reflections and Celebrations
Spring is traditionally known as a symbol of growth and cultivation, a time of graduation and adventure for many students. While attending my daughter’s college graduation at the University of Northern Colorado this past weekend, I found myself reflecting on the circumstances surrounding my high school graduation.…

Grow Your Brain with a Growth Mindset
As I reflect back on the past year at Mountain Valley School, I think about the decisions that went well, others that didn’t work out, and some that still need refinement and iteration. During my career as an educator, I have always taken risks and experimented with innovative ideas while moving towards improvement. I can… (2 comments)

Kids Deserve It!: A District Level View
As an educational leader and lifelong learner, I am always working towards improving as superintendent of schools. Currently, I am reading a book called Kids Deserve It!: Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Conventional Thinking by authors Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome. During my reading, I often find myself thinking about the students in our district and… (2 comments)

The Power of Creation
My eyes snapped open at around 2:00 am on Sunday morning, the last day of spring break. I was having a dream. Maybe it was a nightmare. I’m not sure. In this dream-mare, I was the superintendent of a prisoner-of-war camp. You’re probably asking yourself, “Do prisoner-of-war camps even have superintendents?” Well, trust me, in…

Courageous Leaders and Difficult Conversations
After a long winter, spring can be an exciting and energizing time of year; however, for school administrators, it is also the season of difficult conversations, evaluations and staff non-renewals. These tough conversations are often accompanied by high stress and anxiety, which quickly add to the already complex roller coaster ride of school administration. As a school administrator,… (2 comments)

Feed That Pig!
During my first year as superintendent at a small rural school district in Colorado, I attended a leadership meeting with other school leaders from across the state. I learned so much, with such a steep learning curve for a rookie, but one quote from a pig farmer and now superintendent on the eastern plains of…

Are You a Joyful Leader?
When I started teaching almost 20 years ago, everything was new and my days were filled with joy and discovery. I loved spending time with my students, especially the ornery ones, since I was quite a handful for my teachers when I was a kid. Little did I know that my frequent trips to the principal's office, sitting on the "white bench" waiting for dreaded discipline, would give me valuable knowledge and insight into being a school leader.… (2 comments)