Graduation Reflections and Celebrations
Spring is traditionally known as a symbol of growth and cultivation, a time of graduation and adventure for many students. While attending my daughter’s college graduation at the University of Northern Colorado this past weekend, I found myself reflecting on the circumstances surrounding my high school graduation.…

Grow Your Brain with a Growth Mindset
As I reflect back on the past year at Mountain Valley School, I think about the decisions that went well, others that didn’t work out, and some that still need refinement and iteration. During my career as an educator, I have always taken risks and experimented with innovative ideas while moving towards improvement. I can… (2 comments)

Kids Deserve It!
Kids deserve safe schools where 21st-century learning can take place in updated facilities. We are educating the future leaders of our communities and world. Students should have equal access to engaging educational environments where collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and creation are fostered through adequate learning spaces and technology.… (2 comments)

The Power of Creation
My eyes snapped open at around 2:00 am on Sunday morning, the last day of spring break. I was having a dream. Maybe it was a nightmare. I’m not sure. In this dream-mare, I was the superintendent of a prisoner-of-war camp. You’re probably asking yourself, “Do prisoner-of-war camps even have superintendents?” Well, trust me, in…